The given disclosure is our attempt to satisfy the FTC policy, which requires us to be clear about our affiliate engagements that we have on our website. In simple English, whoever visits our site should expect the links available in our site are affiliate links. If someone clicks on a given link, he will be redirected to the actual selling page and a cookie will be recorded in your browser. We will be entitled for a commission, if he purchases the product from the affiliate site. This is a genuine way monetize and compensate the operations of websites and we happily disclose our affiliate relationships in front of you.

In addition, we do not collect real products or liquid cash for the reviews or posts available on the site. Customers are free to submit their reviews and opinions about product and for that; we do not charge a single penny. It is possible that customers are greatly impacted by the affiliate links and a case of conflict of interest might arise. Although, we never believe such things exist, it is up to the customers to decide about the affiliate engagements we have on the site. Of course, we want you to purchase the products we know about and are greatly impacted by that fact. At the same time, we also evade any kind of conflict by only writing about the products we know about and are trustworthy. Our endeavor is to provide honest opinions, discoveries, faiths, understandings about the products we endorse.

We also has merchants who might pay us to show advertisements in the form of banners, hyperlinks, etc. These are paid advertisements and although we try our best to permit only the quality products and services to be advertised on our site, we are not associated with the claims made on these paid advertisement links.

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