Electronic Cigarette Buying Tips

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Given the fact that electronic cigarettes can be smoked in most of the areas where tobacco cigarettes are banned and also don’t contain the harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes, it is little wonder that they are quickly becoming the preferred choice of cigarette for many smokers today. However, since these types of cigarettes are available on the market in different designs, styles and brands, it can be a bit tough picking one. There are several things you need to consider when buying an electronic cigarette.

How to choose the right electronic cigarette

1. Look for quality and durable batteries

Electronic cigarettes batteries are the lifeblood of the cigarette. They supply the power needed to vaporize the liquid solution. When selecting an e-cig battery, make sure it has a battery that’s powerful enough to last through a day of smoking, or at least 300 puffs. In addition, make sure the battery is durable enough to withstand the bumps it may get in the course of your day.

2. Do you prefer high smoke volume?

Another important thing to look at when choosing electronic cigarettes is the smoke volume. Smokers typically enjoy watching the smoke escape the lips & form a cloud, and in fact most of them prefer high smoke volume. But not all e-cigarettes are made equal in this regard. Try to read a few reviews and, if possible, watch videos to make sure your e-cig of choice has your preferred smoke volume output.

3. What flavor do you want?

Generally, taste is essential when picking a certain brand of cigarette, and this is no different with electronic cigarettes. The liquid nicotine inside the e-cig cartridges is made in a special formula that most smokers may not be familiar with. Therefore, it may be wise to try out several flavors till you find the one(s) that suits you. 

There are so many varieties of e-liquid flavors out there including menthol, coffee, fruit and chocolate flavors, with different levels of nicotine strength. If you’re not satisfied with what a particular brand is offering, look for other flavor options.

4. Look for multiple charging options

Most e-cigs come with a USB charger that you attach to the battery and to a standard USB port (on a device like a computer). However, very few kits have other charging options, meaning that you can only charge your e-cig battery with a computer. If you spend much of your day on the road, look for a kit that also includes a wall or car adapter, or a portable charging case. With these accessories, you can charge your electronic cigarette battery through a standard electric outlet, a mobile charging pack and a car cigarette lighter.

5. Consider the cartomizer Life

While you want to try and get the best flavor, you also want the flavor to last. It can be pretty annoying to replace your cartomizer every 50 puffs – even if you got it at a cheap price. Make certain that the cartomizer of your preferred brand of e-cig lasts a long time (at least 340 puffs a customizer). This way, you’ll be able to go longer without needing to change cartomizers, and you’ll save some money as well.

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