Electronic Cigarette Explained in plain Terms

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The electronic cigarette was invented for the main reason that people are getting a lot more addicted to the real tobacco cigarette and any tobacco products such as cigars. The health destroying effects of tobacco smoke is also the main reason of why the popularity of e-cigarette is on the surged as of these days.

The electronic cigarette or most commonly known as e-cigarette is a smokeless cigarette with a smokeless vaporizer built into it. It is a battery operated cigarette-like device that emulates smoking. The vaporizer can be nicotine content or nicotine free depending on the liquid solution that is added into the vaporizer. The electronic liquid otherwise known as e-liquid will convert it into a smoke-like vapor which a smoker inhales. The term "vaping" is used to call the act of using the e-cigarette.

electroniccigaretteMost of the current models of e-cigarette are now automatic. The first design of e-cigarette is composed of a three-part device but now converted into a two-part device. The original e-cigarette was composed of a cartridge, an atomizer, and a battery which is a manual or an automatic one. Due to some fast changing environment and the technology, the latest models are now innovative. Since the atomizer and the cartridge are now combined into one and it is called a cartomizer. With this innovation, a possible savings of e-liquid had made a greater impact to the market. Although people can still chose what model of e-cigarette they can buy since the old model are still available. It is just a matter of preference at all.

The advantages of using electronic cigarette is that it is smoke free, a tobacco free, no ash, no secondhand smoke, no tar, and no toxins. This means that a smoker can still get a dose of nicotine without worrying to ingest all more than 4,000 chemicals, which includes the 40 carcinogenic chemicals. The user can also control the nicotine intake of the e-cigarette, the nicotine concentration are ranging from from zero to high. The nicotine-containing consist also of artificial flavorings, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). According to the FDA both of these are recognized as generally safe for use. The e-cigarette also provides more freedom to "vape" or smoke anytime and anywhere. The amount of money that can be save is also remarkable as the e-cigarette's cartridge is refillable with e-liquids. If you are using the new model, the cartomizer can also be used until they wear out by cleaning them and putting them into a boiling water. The environmental effect on using the e-cigarette is also a big advantage. There would be no ashes and there would be no cigarette butts that most often can create accidents such as fire, destroy properties, endangering the lives of many and most of all adding pollution to the environment.

Experts believe that by using e-cigarette, it is much more a safer and healthier alternative to real tobacco. Although the e-cigarettes contains nicotine, but the user can control the dosage of nicotine level that is to be added on the e-liquid. The experts are more convinced that in smoking, it is not the nicotine than can cause the most damage to health but the tar and other carcinogenic chemicals containing the tobacco is the main culprit of many tobacco related diseases.

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