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Green Smoke produces one of the best vapor cigs on the market today. Their product features produces an ample amount of thick vapor, with a variety of appealing flavors available in multiple tobacco ranges. It's robust enough to easily weather the terrors of your pockets day after day and it holds enough charge for a day of use for an average smoker. It's designed to look and feel enough like a normal cigarette to be familiar without compromising on any features or design. Overall, Green Smoke e-cigs offer the best combination of features and pricing on today's e-cig market.

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Design and Appearance

greensmoke-optionsThe Green Smoke Pro Kit comes with a stylish box for carrying around your e-cig and accessories. With a magnetic clasp and a two-tier interior, this sturdy box keeps the batteries in one compartment and the usb charger in the other. It's nice to see a manufacturer take accessories almost as seriously as it takes devices.

The e-cig itself is designed to be simple and robust. The air holes hide between the cartridge and the battery, giving the e-cigs a clean and stylish appearance. Because the batteries are automatic, Green Smoke e-cigs operate just like a regular cigarette. The cartridges screw on to the battery in a way that closely resembles cigarette butts — in fact, there's a glowing ring that lights up and fades with each puff in order to mimic the experience of taking a drag on a cigarette. Green Smoke offers a range of more unique batteries for those who wish to stand out.

Green Smokes are a bit wider, heavier and longer than a standard cigarette — but that's to be expected from a device that's supposed to last for your entire day.


Green Smoke offers cartridges in five strengths between 24 and 0 mg. E-cigs operate a bit differently than normal cigarettes — while they offer an innovative improvement on delivering tobacco and flavor, they lack the weight and heat of regular cigarettes. Because of that, many long term smokers turning to e-cigs for the first time are surprised to find Green Smoke's 'Full' 18 mg cartridges. The 12 mg 'light' cartridges prove ample for most users, while the 6 and 0 mg options offer choices to those looking to cut down on tobacco or simply enjoy smoking.


Unlike other automatic batteries, where it's necessary to take a few puffs in order to get the vapor volume 'warmed up,' Green Smokes start producing a satisfying amount of vapor almost immediately. Green Smokes' dense vapor draws comparison to the V2 brand of e-cigarettes. See a short video review of Green Smoke below:


Green Smoke offers cartridges in 3 tobacco flavors (Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Red Label Tobacco) as well as 5 other flavors (Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, Mountain Clove and Smooth Chocolate). As of this writing, there is no e-liquid available — but the plentiful array of cartridges to choose from more than makes up for that.

All of Green Smoke's flavors are savory and satisfying. While the tobacco flavors don't quite mirror the taste of a traditional cigarette, they're all distinct and very pleasant to smoke. Of the other flavors, Menthol Ice stands out as packing a surprisingly hard punch, while Smooth Chocolate delivers a mellow, well rounded flavor that's quite enjoyable to vape. Perhaps the biggest issue with Green Smoke's flavor line-up is that it ends — users have so much fun trying all the flavors that they are often disappointed when they run out of new things to try. That said, the excellence of this line of flavors cannot be understated — it's better for it to be kept to 8 great flavors than expanded to 15 mediocre ones.


The Green Smoke offers a USB charger that plugs in to standard outlets. The batteries are supposed to last for 200 and 275 puffs, respectively. In practice, this means you'll get about a day of use out of each charge — so it's perfect for normal operation. Heavy smokers might want to make sure that they purchase an additional battery to keep charged or charge their cigarette during the day.

Manufacture and Warranty

Green Smoke takes a lot of pride in their products. Everything from the battery to the e-liquid is tested to ensure that it's up to standards — in fact, Green Smoke provides the batch data along with every cartridge so you can see the results of the chemical tests they run. Users have reported that batteries have gone through the wash and came out no worse for the wear. Your results may vary, however — and that's where Green Smoke's excellent warranty comes in.

First, Green Smoke offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like your product, simply return it within a month and you'll get your money back, hassle free. There's a lifetime warranty available, with no questions asked replacements for the first year. After that, you'll need to have purchased cartridges within the last 3 months in order to replace your e-cig. With the excellence observed in Green Smoke cartridges, this requirement won't be very difficult to fulfill at all. You can replace your e-cig up to 3 times after the first 12 months.

Green Smoke Starter Kits

Get the best vapor smoking experience you'll ever have with Green Smoke's wide range of starter kits and products to make that life-changing switch. See the kits comparison chart below:



Green Smoke e-cigs offer a wonderful package. With all the best features from e-cigs and the look and feel of a normal cigarette, these products are sure to please every smoker and vaper around. The robust, meaty design of the cartridges, the long battery life and the flavorful cartridges all contribute towards numerous glowing recommendations of this brand of e-cigarettes.You won't find better value for your money than Green Smoke.

Green Smoke Coupons:
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