Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining E-Cigarettes

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E-Cigarettes are used by people all over the world trying to find a way to quit smoking. Smoking a normal cigarette can lead to lung cancer and heart disease. E-Cigarettes are marketed as a way to enjoy the benefits of smoking without the tar and smoke. You inhale water vapor with a dose of nicotine to give you the same feeling as smoking.

Electronic cigarettes look fairly simple devices, and they are. There isn't really that much to them, but if you have noticed that your e-cigarette isn't working quite like it should then it might need a clean. If it's not delivering the same amount of vapor for you to inhale then it could be blocked.


Depending on the brand and type of e-cigarette you have, there will be different methods of cleaning. For most though you should start by unscrewing the refill and the mouthpiece. Make sure that nothing else is attached to the cigarette. Then put your mouth on the end where the mouthpiece would be and blow hard. Do this over a sink or some paper as liquid should come out. This can be quite sticky, so make sure you don't get it on your clothes or anywhere else.

Some e-cigarettes have a plastic cap which must be removed or lifted in order to allow the waste fluid to be drained properly. Make sure to read the instructions carefully.

It may also be possible to rinse some of the e-cigarettes out with water. If this is possible it will be mentioned in the manual. You will need to dry the parts thoroughly by using a hair dryer. Never switch the device on while it is wet. Also make sure you can get the device wet before subjecting it to the water treatment.


Your e-cigarette is powered using a rechargeable battery. For this to last for as long as possible you will need to make sure that it is charged and fully discharge regularly. Make sure you run the battery down before charging it. This way it will last longer. Batteries cannot be replaced by the end user, if the battery is holding less charge than before then you will need to buy a new electronic cigarette.

The heart of the e-cigarette is the atomiser. This is actually fairly basic, it's just a battery connected to a resister and a thin wire. The wire heats up and when the liquid from the e-cigarette refill is sprayed onto it. This evaporates the liquid into a vapor which can then be inhaled.

These atomisers are designed to be semi-disposable. This means that they will not last forever. You can expect them to last up to a few months. After this, you will need to replace your e-cigarette with a new model.
Although cleaning may make your cigarette better again, it won't solve every problem. If you are still having problems with the electronic cigarette then it might be time to buy a replacement. These things don't last forever and you would probably be better off buying a replacement.

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