How To Spot Fake E-Cigarette Reviews

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You are a smoker and you have made your mind up to kick the nasty habit. Having heard of electronic cigarettes, you decided to go out and get one. I would like to stop you here. Not that I do not want you to quit smoking, I just want to bring to your attention a con that has been going on for a while. Scammers and con artists have realized the electronic market is huge, and profitable. Now they are out to make a quick buck from you and others by selling fake electronic cigarettes complete with fake testimonials and reviews.

Scammers are opening up websites selling these fake electronic cigarettes by the minute. We will not focus on these sites, because even if I point them out, others are going to pop up. So let’s know how to spot fake E-cigarette reviews to avoid being scammed. 

You would expect that most testimonials and reviews come from people who have tested out the product. You will be shocked to learn that many electronic cigarette reviews are downright fakes. They come from people who have never tested the product. So how can you tell that a person has tested the electronic cigarette or not? 

Look for visual evidence:

Today, you cannot trust what you read. You must verify, with your own eyes. Look for pictures or even videos on the reviews. If they are present, you might be surprised to realize that the same pictures are also on e-cigarette brand website. It was just copy-pasted into the review you are reading now. This is the first sign of a fake e-cigarette review. If the seller is truly genuine, he would request his customers to send their pictures and not simply copy paste pictures from another website.

Even with the clearly suspicious visual proof offered by the seller, you might be influenced by the information posted on the site. For example, you might ask, if the seller is selling something fake, how come he has so much technical detail that seems accurate? Well, manufacturers of e-cigarettes release this information on their websites. Technical details such as estimated number of puffs per cartomizer, e-liquid flavors and battery rating are freely available. These unscrupulous individuals just copy paste it from genuine websites and post them on theirs. 

Biased Reviews: 

They always say when it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t. The same principle applies here. If you are reading reviews and you do not come across a fault, or an unsatisfied customer, then you are probably reading one of the fake e-cigarette reviews. There has never been a product, in the history of manufacturing, which satisfied all its customers. Fake e-cigarette reviews will always speak too highly of the particular brand. You will never come across even the smallest of faults. 

The truth is, con artists are getting better at fooling people and taking their hard earned money. Some of their websites are professionally designed, compelling people to believe their reviews. And truth be told, user reviews are not what they used to be. They cannot be trusted on their own. So, with those two points, you know how to spot fake E-Cigarette reviews.

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